Dear applicant,

We regret to inform you that TLScontact will no longer by accepting visa applications on behalf of the Kazakhstan mission in China.

All wishing to apply for a visa to Kazakhstan will be required to visit the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Beijing


National and Public Holidays

Monday and Tuesday, January 1st and 2nd

New Year’s Day 

Thursday to Monday, February 15th to 19th

Chinese New Year

Thursday and Friday, March 8th and 9th

International Women’s Day

Wednesday to Friday, March 21st to 23rd

“Nauryz” Kazakh New Year

Thursday, April 5th

Tomb Sweeping Festival 

Monday and Tuesday, April 30th to May 1st

Day of the Unity of the People of Kazakhstan

Monday to Wednesday, May 7th to 9th

Defender’s Day/Victory Day

Monday, June 18th

Dragon Boat Festival 

Friday, July 6th

Astana Day

Tuesday, August 21st

Eid Al Adha

Thursday and Friday, August 30th to 31st

Constitution Day

Monday, September 24th

Mid-autumn Festival 

Monday to Wednesday, October 1st to 3rd

Chinese National Holiday 

Saturday to Monday, December 1st to 3rd

Day of the First President

Monday and Tuesday, December 17th and 18th

Independence Day

Monday, December 31st

New Year’s Day